Toldot 5772

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As Rivkah plans to disguise Yaakov in order to receive a bracha from Yitzchak, Yaakov raises the issue that maybe Yitzchak will feel him and realize that it's not Esav he's talking to. The Gra points out the Hebrew word used here for maybe is "ulai," which connotates hoping that something happens (as opposed to "pen," which is hoping it won't). Why did Yaakov want this to happen? The Gra explains that in order for a bracha to take effect on someone, the one giving the bracha must either look at or place his hands on the receiver of the bracha. Since Yitzchak was blind, the only option was placing his hands. Yaakov wanted the bracha to take effect on him, but he knew it would only if Yitzchak touched him, which is why he was concerned of being caught.


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