Vayeishev 5774

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Kli Yakar compares the sins of Pharaoh's steward and baker. The baker's sin was supplying a loaf of bread with a pebble in it. The steward's sin was handing Pharaoh a cup of wine with a fly in it. The baker's sin was completely negligent and would anger anyone. The steward's sin was more of an accident, but should have been checked. This is like how Hashem watches over every single action a tzaddik does because they are closer to Him than others are.

Vayishlach 5774

Friday, November 15, 2013

Yaakov davens to Hashem to save him "from the hands of his brother, the hands of Esav" (32:12). Why does Yaakov need to say both? We know Esav is his brother! The Beis Halevi explains that both terms are necessary. As Jews, we are either befriended by the Gentiles and they become a bad influence on us or we are persecuted by them. Yaakov is davening for protection from both aspects. He puts the term "brother" first because it is worse to befriend a bad person and learn from him.
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