Beshalach 5775

Friday, January 30, 2015

One of the main messages of Parshas Beshalach is "bitachon," trust in Hashem. The more you trust Him equates to the amount of individual Divine Providence you receive. We see that when Bnei Yisroel question Hashem's Presence around them, Amalek immediately appears and attacks them. My rebbe from KBY, Rabbi Friedman, quotes a verse showing the power of bitachon: "Many are the sorrows for a wicked person, mercy surrounds one who trusts in Hashem" (Psalms 32:10). Shouldn't the opposite of a wicked person be a righteous person? We see that even if one isn't a full righteous person, he can be subject to a high level of Divine Providence through his faith in Hashem.


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