Tetzaveh 5775

Friday, February 27, 2015

The 8 pieces of clothing worn by the Kohen Gadol were to atone for 8 different sins. These include the 3 cardinal sins (immorality, murder, and idolatry), lashon harah, and 4 character flaws that lead to other sins (such as haughtiness and injustice).
The Kli Yakar ties in the idea of how King Achashverosh tried to harness the power of these clothes. The Gemara in Megillah mentions how he wore all 8 pieces to the party he had at the beginning of the Purim story. Achashverosh thought that by wearing them, he would be protected from Divine punishment. However, he erred in thus regard since they only provide protection only when the Kohen Gadol wears them.


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