Vayeitzei 5779

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Malbim notes the differences between the prophecy that Yaakov received at the beginning of the parsha to that of Moshe's. He uses the Rambam's analysis from Moreh Nevuchim to point out four distinct differences:
1) All prophecies are transmitted via dream. Only when the prophet is sleeping will he/she see a vision. Moshe, on the other hand, received prophecy while awake. As seen here in the parsha, Yaakov dreams of the vision.
2) All prophecies are given as parables or riddles. It is up to the prophet to discern and interpret what the meaning of the prophecy means. However, Moshe didn't need to do so; Hashem spoke to him directly without any explanation needed. Here, the parable of a ladder with angels is given.
3) All prophecies come via an angel; they are seen as the "middleman" between Hashem and the prophet. In Bamidbar 12:8, Hashem describes how He speaks to Moshe as two people speak to one another. In Yaakov's prophecy, angels are the main players.


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