Mishpatim 5781

Monday, February 8, 2021

 Parshas Mishpatim mainly deals with the bulk of laws found in Tractates Baba Kama and Baba Metzia, which focus on damages (both material and physical) and liabilities. The Gemara in Baba Kama (30a) notes that if one wants to be pious he should learn the laws of damages; others include Pirkei Avos as well as the laws of blessings. The Maharsha in his Chiddushei Aggados explains that a pious person looks to do good with all his actions. These are split into three categories: acts towards others, acts towards oneself, and acts towards G-d. Each of the topics listed address one of these categories. The laws of damages teaches one to care for others' property; Pirkei Avos helps one refine his character; learning the laws of blessings helps one appreciate G-d's kindness in this world. While some commentaries note that mastering one of these qualifies one to be a pious person, one should strive to improve himself in every part of his life. Only then will he be able to bestow goodness in its totality. 

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