Bereishit 5782

Saturday, October 2, 2021

After Noach is born towards the end of the Parsha, the Torah speaks about the Bnei Elohim who act in a way that causes Hashem to change the way He interacts with Mankind. The Midrash in Bereishis Rabbah attempts to explain the story, and the gist of their interpretations makes note that these supposed leaders of the generation were acting in a corrupt way that included illicit relationships. Because of this, Hashem decides to take a step back (6:3). The Or HaChaim explains that up until this point Hashem was directly talking to people, such as Adam and Cain, and that everyone was on the level of prophets. Once the people began to act immorally, He determines that Mankind is no longer fit to be at such a spiritual level to merit such direct dialogue. The Or HaChaim continues onward explaining how the righteous brought back His Presence with time until the Temple was destroyed, as well with Divine Inspiration when the Jews were exiled.

This is one idea behind the ending of Eichah when we ask Hashem to renew our days like old, "k'kedem" (5:21). Kedem refers to Gan Eden, the ultimate paradise. We hope that one day we can reach the level of prophets once again and have a closer connection to Hashem, where we can have a "face to face" with Him.


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