Chayei Sarah 5782

Saturday, October 30, 2021

There is a well-known Rashi that explains the actions of Eliezer when he gives gifts to Rivkah at the well. Before he even knows who she is, Eliezer proceeds to give her bracelets and a nose ring; only then does he ask for more information. When he retells the story to Rivkah's family, he switches the details and says he asked her first before giving the gifts. Rashi explains that Eliezer put his trust in Avraham's merits that Rivkah was the right woman for Yitzchak. He only switched the details later on so that he wouldn't be bombarded by questions about his judgement.
The Be'er Basadeh (24:47) expands on this explanation and points out that the verse says he merely took the items, not that he actually put them on her as he tells the story ("Vayikach" and not "Vayasem"). Additionally, he points to Rashi's wording in saying Eliezer switched the details and not that he straight out lied. The Be'er Basadeh explains that Eliezer wasn't 100% relying on Avraham's merits; he put the gifts on Rivkah that signified that they were given only as deposits and not full fledged gifts.


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