Toldot 5782

Saturday, November 6, 2021

 The commentators give many reasons for why Yitzchak became blind at the time of blessing Yaakov. Rashi gives a couple of explanations. One is that he became blind from the smoke of the idolatrous offerings given by Esav and his Canaanite wives. A second is when he was about to be slaughtered by Avraham the angels' tears fell into his eyes. 

These are the classic answers given. However, the S'forno explains that Yitzchak became blind due to his lack of discipline towards Esav. He draws the comparison to Eli, the Kohen in the story of Shmuel Hanavi. The posuk notes that his sons weren't righteous children and because of this he lost his sight. The Da'as Zekenim gives another reason in that it was because of Esav's trickery towards Yitzchak. The posuk says that Esav was a hunter and "had a taste for game", "tzayid b'fiv" (25:28), which is why Yitzchak loved him. The Da'as Zekenim explains that this was Esav's way of "bribing" Yitzchak and convincing him that he was righteous. As we learn in Parshas Mishpatim, bribes blind the upright. 

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